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IMPACT magazine (PDF) IMPACT magazine (PDF)

Our portfolio

Stenbecks Stiftelse was founded in 1962 by Hugo Stenbeck. We support brave voices, ideas, and actions that increase children’s influence and improve the situation for the most vulnerable children and young people in Sweden. The foundation provides financial support to pioneering actors and organizations in civil society. We also launch and run special initiatives to strengthen the influence of children and young people and to create better conditions for the most vulnerable children and youth.

Our why

Stenbecks Stiftelse has been around since 1962 but when Sophie Stenbeck met Sara Damber in 2009, the Board decided on a new strategy. Sophie and Sara set out with a passion for the rights of the most vulnerable and with an impatience that change did not go fast enough. Now, over ten years later, the strategy still holds and Stenbecks Stiftelse have been a co-founder of several national initiatives in Sweden.

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