About Us

The Stenbeck Foundation supports social entrepreneurs that improve the lives of children. Since 1962, the Stenbeck Foundation has sought out and supported interesting initiatives and people who work with children's rights, mental health, education and entrepreneurship. Over the years, the foundation has among other things been instrumental in starting the incubator program Reach For Change, helped vulnerable people living in the outskirts of society through the organization Musketörerna i Rågsved and co-founded Järvaskolan in Kista.

Sara Damber

Sara Damber is the operations manager at the Stenbeck Foundation and one of Sweden’s most prominent social entrepreneurs. In 1997 she founded the organization Friends, which has grown to the largest in Scandinavia working against bullying and discrimination in schools. Ten years later Sara founded Reach For Change in cooperation with the Kinnevik Group, an incubator program that supports social entrepreneurs across the world who make life better for children. Sara has solid experience of change management in the municipal and public sector, most recently as Director of Education at Båstad Municipality.

Marlene Claesson

Marlene Claesson, Program Manager at the Stenbeck Foundation. Marlene has extensive experience in business development, idea generation and prototyping in both the public and non-profit sectors. During almost 9 years at Reach for Change, Marlene introduced methods for incubation and impact measurement of social entrepreneurship, as well as providing tools to all sectors to contribute their unique knowledge and resources to change the society to the better, in partnership.

The Stenbeck Foundation Board